Proven principles to help you get from where you are to where you want to be

Everybody yearns for success, yet most people find it eludes them no matter how hard they try to attain it. So they give up and settle for less, all the while wondering why they can’t achieve personal and professional success in their lives while others can. The truth of it is that life doesn’t come with a clear-cut instruction manual for success; but don’t lose heart. Over the years, thousands of people have achieved great success in their lives through one means or another, whether they were inventors, entrepreneurs, or creative minds. Their successes have been documented and studied for decades, and some shared threads are evident in all of these stories – a set of principles that guaranteed them success, regardless of their chosen field or endeavor.

Now, these time-tested principles have helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to achieve extraordinary success in all walks of life. Jack Canfield, America’s #1 success coach, conducted his own research and by drawing on his own experiences and those of others has organized those principles into a ready-to-implement workshop titled The Success Principles.

Nagalakshmi has been certified by Jack Canfield to conduct The Success Principles workshop for fellow people. This seminar will help individuals attain remarkable success not only in their career but also in all spheres of their life. By participating in this experiential workshop, people will realize the immense potential they have within themselves to create everything they want in their life. This workshop, apart from inspiring them and instilling confidence in them, also offers them the actual methods, techniques, action steps and exercises they need in order to achieve what they want.

This workshop is aimed at helping people to:

  • Assume 100% responsibility for their life
  • Set goals for major areas of their life
  • Overcome fear, doubts, and limiting beliefs that hamper their progress
  • Build their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Overcome procrastination and jump into action
  • Deal with rejection and failure
  • Master the art of asking
  • Understand the significance of sincere appreciation
  • Stop the blame game and become the creator of their own life
  • Embrace change rather than eschew it and use it to transform themselves
  • Stay positive in the midst of negativity
  • Build healthy relationships that lead to success and everlasting happiness.
How to maintain a joyful, satisfying, and fun-filled marriage

Life is an amazing gift. In it, we have the opportunity to embark on the wild and wonderful adventure that is marriage. Everyone dreams of a wonderful marriage and no other event is celebrated with as much pomp and circumstance as it is. It’s the ultimate relationship, one where you can find boundless joy by loving someone unconditionally and doing everything you can to make sure they feel loved and cherished.

But shortly after, in a lot of cases, the love and romance that the couples enjoy initially steadily decline and eventually fade away, leaving a big vacuum in their lives. Eventually they wind up feeling guilty, disappointed, or unhappy and start wondering where it went wrong, perhaps even not reflecting on it any longer, and coming to terms with it instead. It then becomes a mere contractual agreement between two people who choose to spend the rest of their life without much confrontation. Consequently, they give in to the myth that a happy marriage is limited to a lucky few couples and certainly not them. This seminar aims to bust that myth and make you realize that anyone can have a happy marriage if they work for it.

Nagalakshmi, who has been happily married for the past twenty-five years, brings to light in this seminar the age-old practices that guarantee a great marriage full of love and joy.

The participating couples will learn how important it is to:

  • Keep the flame of romance alive in your relationship
  • Appreciate your partner and recognize their efforts
  • Mutually respect each other and learn to grow together
  • Love unconditionally and express your love openly
  • Forgive and forget your partner’s mistakes
  • Develop absolute trust in them
  • Commit yourself to making the relationship grow everyday
  • Be 100% supportive of them
  • Communicate honestly and listen empathetically
  • Celebrate lifelong intimacy.
This seminar will transform you and set you on the path to a blissful marriage. When you enjoy a happy marriage, you become a more optimistic and enthusiastic person. People often find it fun to be around you as your optimism and enthusiasm magically catch onto them. And when you are happy at home, you are bound to be more productive at work, resulting in your work life becoming more rewarding and satisfying. And most of all, you leave behind a rich legacy for your children and future generations to come.
How to Raise Confident, Happy, and Positive Children

Raising your kids is a daunting task that often goes unappreciated. It requires boundless patience and hard work and it will cost you a piece of your sanity, but the rewards are well worth it. All those sleepless nights and all that exhaustion and frustration fizzle away when you see your child shaping into a happy little human being. Nothing compares to the pride you feel as a parent when your child stumbles up to you while taking his first tiny steps, or when he says his first word, or when you see him helping a friend without being asked, or when he plays a difficult guitar riff perfectly and look at you excitedly for approval.

The first few years of their life, in particular, have a huge impact in determining the kind of person they grow up to become. As parents, you are the single strongest influence in their lives, and they will naturally try to absorb as much as they can and try to emulate you. Creating a solid foundation of principles and good habits will give them a good starting point for life. On the contrary, if you don’t give your children the time of day or interact with them, or worse, if you mistreat them, use corporal punishment, or look down on them, don’t be surprised if they refuse to listen to you or resent you when they grow older.

As soon as you announce to your friends and family that you’re pregnant, after a hearty round of congratulations you are going to be bombarded with all sorts of contradictory advice about what to do and what not to do when it comes to raising your kids. Combine this with the staggering amount of information available online and the fear of somehow messing things up and it can be quite overwhelming at first. You need to learn that it’s alright to make mistakes – things happen, and you should move on. You don’t need to know all the answers.

Nagalakshmi, a happy mother of two children, will shine some light on certain practices and techniques that will help you become the best parent you can be through her new seminar. This seminar is intended for parents with children of all ages.

This seminar will empower you to:
  • Communicate effectively with your children
  • Understand why your presence is more important than your presents
  • Show them that you are vulnerable too and you too make mistakes
  • Instill values and morals in your children 
  • Listen to them empathetically without being judgmental
  • Raise their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Help your kids develop a positive mental attitude
  • Be a kind but firm parent
  • Let your children be independent and make their own mistakes
  • Respect them and allow them make their own decisions
  • Teach them to be accountable for their actions
  • Teach them to be socially aware.
How to ignite a passion for learning in students and inspire them to greatness

Teachers play a vital role in the lives of students, but their role is often overlooked and underpaid for what it involves. It’s more than simply teaching students from a textbook. They have to prepare lessons and tests in advance, explain concepts in an easily understandable fashion, maintain decorum in the classroom, mentor and encourage individual students, monitor students for signs of trouble, and earn the respect of their students. They play the role of a tutor, a therapist, a sympathetic listener, a mentor, and a parent all at once. “Educators are the only people who lose sleep over other people’s children,” says Nicholas A. Ferroni, a respected American educator who treats his class of mostly lower-income students with deep commitment and care.

A teacher can make or break a student’s enjoyment and understanding of a particular subject – a high school teacher who encourages a student on seeing their interest in biology might inspire them to get a degree in microbiology, altering the course of that student’s life, and that student will always look on their teacher fondly. Conversely, a teacher who quashes a student’s interest in history through incompetence or malice will not be remembered as fondly by the student. 

Great teaching has less to do with the teachers’ knowledge and talents, but more with their attitude toward their students, their peers, their subject, and their job. They spot the unique talents each child possesses, helps them identify their potential, inspires them to take action, and watches them reap the fruits of their labor. They have very high expectations from their students. Most importantly, great teachers love their work immensely, know their subject well, and are always committed to life-long learning. Becoming such an extraordinary teacher is well within everyone’s grasp; one just has to work for it.

Nagalakshmi Shanmugam, who is still in touch with her school teachers and principal, is committed to motivating teachers to become their best self so that they can make a significant impact in the lives of their students and steer them to greatness.

This seminar is aimed at inspiring teachers to:
  • Develop an optimistic and broader outlook about teaching
  • Understand the significance of their role in the lives of students
  • Appreciate the unique opportunity they are given in shaping young minds
  • Understand that every student deserves respect and support, no matter their academic performance
  • Value and treat every student equally and go the extra mile to bring out the best in them
  • Make learning more interesting and less tedious
  • Commit to never-ending improvement both personally and professionally
  • Become a role model and a trustworthy figure for their students
  • Feel proud of their career and the teaching community as a whole.